How to do Backpacking Right

With so many people (especially millennials) backpacking around the world nowadays, it can be easy to think that backpacking is a walk in the park. However, that is most definitely not the case, and if you aren’t fully prepared for the long journey ahead, you can end up being anywhere from slightly inconvenienced to totally miserable on your trip. As someone who has been on numerous backpacking trips myself, I know the ins and outs when it comes to doing backpacking right, and I am here to share some important tips for you today.

First thing to always remember is to pack light but smart. It can be really easy for you to want to bring all sorts of random things with you when you leave home (especially us women with our hair care and beauty products), but the reality is that within a few ways of your journey, you very likely will end up not using most of those products at all, making them a total waste of space. Rather than pack a whole bunch of stuff based on a whim, take careful consideration to only bringing the essentials that you will need on your journey.

Or you could take a more liberal approach and only bring a certain number of non-essential items with you, that can be selected based on your own discretion. For example, I just cannot live without my super powerful pink rabbit vibrator (bought at which I highly recommend by the way!) and so I almost always bring it along with me on my travels, along with my nice pair of headphones for listening to my music on my downtime. Whatever you want to bring is up to you, but just do your best to set a limit to how many non-essential items you bring and stick with it.

Another great tip is to do your best to wake up early every day. Just like with a typical vacation, you want to make the most out of your limited time in whatever location you are at, and so waking up early essentially forces you to start your day early and get as much in throughout the day as humanely possible, as opposed to sleeping in. If you really have to, you can take a nap in the middle of the day to regroup, but overall, you should spend as little time sleeping as possible.

One final tip when it comes to backpacking right is to not just bring friends with you on the journey but make new friends as well. Friends makes the experiences you have while backpacking all the more worthwhile, and so it is very important to truly make your adventure a shared one. Friends from home will help make the transition into your backpacking lifestyle much more bearable and meeting new friends while on the journey will invite people with differing perspectives and life experiences into the fold to help enrich your experiences further. Both types of friends are totally essential so don’t neglect making them an integral part of your backpacking experience.

Backpacking is a very fulfilling pastime, but one that requires doing things the right way to fully maximize your experience. By following these various expert tips, your next backpacking trip will certainly be a major success and one for the ages!